The Péris Ieremiadis association has the duty to inform the sympathizers of his actions, it's the goal of this web page dedicated to the news of the association.

Here you will find:

·         the date of the office meeting,

·         the newsletter “News of the Petalioi wild cat”, where the current actions are shown,

·         the events (exhibitions, publications, etc.).



5th december 2010

 Office meeting.

November 2010

Second newsletter “News of the Petalioi wild cat”.

27th october 2010

 Creation of a facebook group.

20th october 2010

 Sell of the Egine map for the benefit of the association.

26th september 2010

Office meeting. 

20th june 2010

Office meeting.

12 and 13rd june 2010

 Exhibition at Prissé la Charrière (France), at the “Domaine de Péré”.

May 2010


Publication of the book from Lambros Kampéridis, at the Domos editions, Athenes, 2010 untitled :

The knight, the horse, the dragon. The Péris Ieremiadis' Saint Georges.

April 2010

First newsletter “News of the Petalioi wild cat”.

26th april 2010

Office meeting.

30th december 2009

Office meeting.

26 décembre 2011

There are no translations available.

Réunion du bureau. 

20th november 2009

 Publication et mise en vente de cartes postales au profit de l’Association.

15th november 2009

Publication of the association web site.

le 17 juin 2007

There are no translations available.

le 17 juin 2007
à Athènes.
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